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Due Diligence

Whether its senior level hires, business partners, or investors there are potential risks in dealing with the unknown. Stodacom’s due diligence focuses on identifying risk and arming our clients with sufficient knowledge to make decisions that will protect their organization.

Reputational Due Diligence

Stodacom Africa provides specialized reputation due diligence solutions to identify and mitigate the inherent risks that government agencies and private sector firms may be vulnerable to when entering into financial and sensitive advisory relationships with potential partners.

Background Checks

Stodacom Africa is a leading provider of investigation, interview, inspection, records checks and verification services to government agencies and private sector. Stodacom’s network of more than 700 inspectors, investigators and analysts support a wide range of benefit program integrity initiatives.

Claims Validation

Our SIU experts will be your active partner in investigating insurance claims through insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators and insurance defense law firms. Stodacom investigators and researchers complete thousands of insurance investigations each month, supporting clients with detailed evidence that is used in the courts of law.

Political Risk Analysis in all African Countries We help clients assess their exposure to political risk, providing intelligence and analysis on politics, regulation and government stability, primarily in the emerging and frontier markets of Africa. We advise our clients throughout the deal cycle: from scenario planning, to the formulation of market-entry strategy, through to monitoring potential changes in the political environment that could affect an investment.

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We have been voted best due diligence firm on the continent for the last four consecutive years, we do much more than due diligence and background checks
Stodacom Africa your no 1 due diligence firm

We were established in 1999. Since then we have been providing a professional, discreet, highly effective and affordable Investigative solution for our Private and Commercial clients across Africa and the rest of the World. We do Business investigation,Trace for missing persons, fraud Investigation,cheating spouses,among others as per our services.Stodacom has been credited for pure discrete investigation for companies and individuals.We have a well esterblished organisation and proven investigation

  • Due Diligence

    Stodacom conducts due diligence assignments all over Africa for a wide range of corporate, financial and government clients, who rely on us to deliver unbiased judgments. Stodacom investigates various aspects of potential business deals including evaluation of management teams and forensic evaluation of financials.

  • Reputational Diligence

    Stodacom Africa provides specialized reputational due diligence solutions to identify and mitigate the inherent risks that government agencies and private sector firms may be vulnerable to when entering into financial and sensitive advisory relationships with potential partners.


    Business opportunities and business risks go hand in hand. This is especially true in emerging markets where business intelligence can be difficult to come by and compliance frameworks are undeveloped. Stodacom provides companies with comprehensive business intelligence and due diligence programs so they can better protect their investments and make decisions with confidence

  • Integrity Risk Assesment

    Integrity is a vital asset of any business. Once damaged, it is almost impossible to restore fully. As threats to a company’s integrity grow in number and complexity, Stodacom is exceptionally well equipped to help its clients identify, evaluate and mitigate against them. Our continental network of consultants can advise on the best way to protect against different sources of integrity


Stodacom Africa Our team of Expert
Musika Stodart
Mr. Stodart Musika is our company director and runs day to day business of the Company. He is a well experienced analyst having been in this industry and specifically Africa for more than 10 years. Stodart has worked on ground breaking cases from more than 23 African countries for governments and private sector.
Magrate Sali
Finance Director
Magrate Sali has been working as Stodacom Africa\’s finance director since inception. Magrate has experience in accounting and finance. She has worked for various professional service companies in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya
Katushabe Moreen
Moreen has been Stodacom Africa director of Analysis for the past 5 years. She has experience in analysing intelligence information for

Stodacom Enhanced Due Diligence reports are a bespoke research product on an individual or a business for use as part of the KYC process. It will not always be necessary to conduct an enhanced level of Due Diligence, however, where a client has been identified as a potential risk – it is essential that their personal history, their known contacts, relatives and business associations are investigated further, prior to establishing a business relationship.


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