We have a team of dedicated personnel

  • Director/CEO

    Mr. Musika Stodart

    • Has been company director since inception
    • Experienced Analyst
    • Worked on thousands of investigative work on the continent
    • Fraud examiner
    • Has more than 10 year experience in the industry

    Direct Contact

    • 256723666660
  • Finance Manager

    Miss Maggie Salie

    • Has been at the company for more than 10 years
    • Experineced International Financial manager
    • Worked in Australia
    • Stationed in Mauritius

    Direct Contact

    • maggie.sali@stodacomafrica.com
  • Head Compliance Office

    Miss Shabe Maureen

    • Experienced compliance Officer
    • Fraud Examiner
    • Anti Money Laundering expert
    • Has more than 7 years in the industry
    • Stationed in Accra Ghana

    Direct Contact

    • shabe.maureen@stodacomafrica.com
  • Data Analysts

    We have a sea of data and Intelligence analysts stationed in all African countries.

    • Namseko Shabia | Head Southern Region Analyst | Pretoria South Africa

      Experinced intel and data analyst at Stodacom Africa with know in Humit in all sector of economy, Shabia over see more than 30 analysts in the region.

    • Erica Cheikh | Head West Africa | Lagos Nigeria

      Erica has vast experience in data analysis analysis, has been at the company for more than 10 years, manage more than 42 data analysts in the region

    • Namazi Lydia | Head East Africa | Nairobi Kenya

      Lydia who manages all data and intel analysis in the East African region has experience in data management and analysis having been a top data analysis for a US contractor for more than 6 years, she manages more than 27 data analysts in the East African region

    • Nassir Younous Mousa | Head Magreb Region | Casablanca Morocco

      Nassir Mousa has been our company data and intel analyst in the Magreb for more than 8 years now, he manages a sizable number of field analysts in the region.