Our Team

We have a team of dedicated personnel

Mr. Musika Stodart

  • Has been company director since inception
  • Experienced Analyst
  • Worked on thousands of investigative work on the continent
  • Fraud examiner
  • Has more than 10 year experience in the industry

Our director works with a dedicated team of personel at Stodacom Africa

Mr. Maggie Sali

  • Has been company finance manager since inception
  • Experienced accountant
  • Worked with various well known accounting firms in Asia and Europe
  • Has a niche for sucess
  • Has more than 10 year experience in the industry

Maggie Sali has been one of our best employee for years

Mr. Katu Moureen

  • She heads our data analysis department at Stodacom Africa
  • She is a well trained research and fraud analyst specializing in competitive data analysis
  • She heads all our four regional centers in Uganda, South africa, Nigeria, Accra, Egypt 

Katu has overseen thausands of report and intel analysis through here tenure