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Due Diligence

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Each business will need to make its own assessment as to what evidence is appropriate to verify the identity of its clients. That assessment will vary depending on the client type. In this section, a number of the considerations that will apply to different types of client and possible sources of information as to identity are outlined.

We help clients onboard and manage the risks associated with new customers and third parties and ensure that we offer the right level of screening and due diligence solutions based on the risks inherent in the opportunity – from screening against sanctions and government watch lists to assess the reputation through review of public records and local human intelligence and source inquiries.

We seek to add value to your business by ensuring that you obtain the maximum business insights from our experts, with their findings and tailored advice helping you improve your integrity profile.



All Due Diligence Matters in any African Country

Our team, supervised by trained lawyers, provide expert advice ranging from content with a local perspective to solid recommendations for further remediation and risk mitigation.

Examination of public profiles, business relationships and commercial track records. Highlight “red flags”, including potential high-risk political links.

We help Understand partners’ compliance culture through questionnaires and interviews. Visibility of policies and procedures, training, and strength of accounting systems and internal controls.