Supply Chain Due Diligence

The trade in natural resources can be an important source of development for many of the countries that need it most.

However, when sourcing from a country struggling with conflict or instability, it is common sense to take extra care when doing business. Unless companies make sure they are trading responsibly, they risk funding serious abuses in most African countries.

Natural resources that have fueled conflict and abuse in places like South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and parts of eastern DRC, are traded globally. These resources are then used in a wide range of products, including mobile phones, cars, light bulbs and computers. Some of the world’s most famous brands are now coming under scrutiny to address their role in this devastating trade.

Stodacom will review the supply chain of these resources from original source to end user, where we find any misconduct or illicit funding we shall avail this information for better decision making.

We help identify fraud related to money laundering, corruption bribery in the chain, from all sectors of business