Financial Institutions have practiced KYC for years, now it’s time for corporations

Whether it is a customer that has a bad reputation, is involved in money laundering, is trading your products on the black or grey market, or is involved in a fraud syndicate, there are legal and reputational risks in dealing with bad actors.

Unlike the banking industry, there are few regulations to require a KYC program in most non-financial services corporations. The onus is simply on the company to decide what level of risk they want to take in their decision to sell to a paying customer.

KYC solutions for you corporations include:

  • Helping with the onboarding of new customers by providing onboarding technology, KYC screening and due diligence platforms
  • Licensing our database of companies and people with compliance issues across 23 risk areas that companies may wish to use to filter their client base or embed into their own onboarding systems
  • Conducting reviews, audits and investigations on customers around integrity and compliance throughout the life of their contract
  • Identifying risks in customer transactions and ensuring that our clients sign up the right customers with the right level of protections
  • Managing potential risks associated with new customers around contract compliance, sanctions, ethical and legal/regulatory behavior
  • Providing Pay-As-You-Go business intelligence on selected customers that are identified as high risk