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Employment Background Screening

Customisable employment screening services are essential in helping you mitigate employee risk as part of the recruitment process. Our experienced team can work with you to recommend the most appropriate screening package to help you make informed decisions.

Criminal Records Checks

When hiring a new employee, there are a number of things your company needs to take into account. Skills, experience and attitude should always be considered, but it's important that you don't neglect to carry out a criminal record search on your potential new recruit.

Employment History Check

When recruiting it's likely that you're looking for a candidate with relevant experience and an applicable employment history. And you need to be sure that your successful applicant hasn't elaborated on their previous roles or, even worse, falsified them entirely.

Pre-Employment Credit Checks

If you are hiring a new employee to handle your company's finances or accounts, or you're operating in the finance industry, it may be a legal requirement – or at least extremely prudent – to carry out an employee credit check.

Academic & Education Verification

When your business is recruiting for a role that requires academic qualifications, it's not enough to simply trust that a candidate has attained the academic qualifications they've claimed to. Academic history is the most commonly falsified information on a job application, so simply "taking it on trust" can lead to unqualified employees
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Employment Qualification

Professional qualifications are vital for a number of roles, and are a non-negotiable condition of employment for a number of businesses. In other industries, membership of a professional organisation or body is a prerequisite if a candidate is to be considered for a particular position.

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Financial Conduct Regulatory Checks

Stodacom has a long track record of helping clients in the financial services sector to secure the best quality candidates, thanks to our range of financial regulated checks, background screening and pre-employment screening services.

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Identity Document Checking

If there's one thing that any business needs to be certain of, it's that the candidate they are interviewing for a position is who they claim to be. After all, if a candidate is misleading you as to his or her identity, they may well be misleading you in other ways.