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At Stodacom Africa we collect and analyze actionable information about competitors and the marketplace to form a business strategy. our aim is to learn everything there is to know about the competitive environment outside your business to make the best possible decisions about how to run it.

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At Stodacom Africa we gather, analyz, and distribute intelligence about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment need to support executives and managers in strategic decision making for an organization and governments.

We provide both Strategic and Tactical Intelligence.

Strategic Intelligence we mainly focus on the longer term, looking at issues affecting a company’s competitiveness over the course of a couple of years. The actual time horizon for our strategic ultimately depends on the industry and how quickly it’s changing. The general questions we answers are, ‘Where should you as a company be in X years?’ and ‘What are the strategic risks and opportunities facing your company?’ We help you get answers to these questions while operating in versatile regions of Africa.

Tactical Intelligence: here we mainly focus on providing information designed to improve shorter-term decisions, most often related with the intent of growing market share or revenues. Generally, it is the type of information that you would need to support the sales process in your company. It investigates various aspects of a product/product line marketing:

  • Product – what are people selling?
  • Price – what price are they charging?
  • Promotion – what activities are they conducting for promoting this product?
  • Place – where are they selling this product?
  • Other – sales force structure, clinical trial design, technical issues, etc.

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Our indepth competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the process of searching and scanning information through legal and professional practices and analysing and forwarding the valuable information to decision-makers. Competitive intelligence is a way to gain a strategic leverage thanks to the management of information.

Having access to the right information at the right moment is considered as a powerful strategic advantage. It can be an inside and discrete activity or a more global and collective project through professional unions or clusters.

Competitive intelligence has been largely structured in the past few years. The value of business information has led to the development of specialised consultants. A debate occurred at the occasion of illegal practices of few firms, although it’s no longer competitive intelligence but spying and corporate espionage.


Entering a foreign market, selecting a new partner, managing a merger or acquisition, recruiting a top executive… all these activities should be structured through a competitive intelligence process. For example energy firms, telcom firms are famous for their competitive intelligence teams.

Competitive intelligence is now a basic part of strategy, marketing and sales analysts’ work. In our knowledge economy, the availability of business information is tremendous and routines in scanning the competitive environment definitely worth it. A structured and dynamic process can be rapidly efficient and powerful.

Let Stodacom Africa help you enter any African market is hand on knowledge and what to expect