compliance due diligence

Stodacom Africa is the market leading provider of solutions that help clients comply with the myriad of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) regulations worldwide. Through a combination of in-depth subject matter expertise, global research capabilities, and flexible technology tools Stodacom can help clients
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Design, set-up, and implement compliance programs and policies, taking into consideration the complex and unique laws across the world

Establish an overarching compliance strategy and culture, including firm-wide training programs

Manage third party risks leveraging Stodacom Africa’s Third Party Compliance program, a web-based due diligence, governance and compliance platform

Take a risk-based approach to compliance through a broad range of Screening and Monitoring Services and Enhanced Due Diligence capabilities

Respond to potential risks through Stodacom Africa’s investigative, remediation, and look-back solutions

Our  primary  role  is  to  facilitate  the  effective  management  of  the compliance risk in our clients’ departments and divisions through, inter alia, the following:

  1.  Setting organisation wide policy and standards for compliance;
  2.  Providing advice on compliance related matters;
  3.  Monitoring the level of compliance on an ongoing basis;
  4.  Establishing and maintaining working relationships with relevant stakeholders;
  5.  Providing assistance to minimize the damage to the organisation’s reputation/image in cases where material transgressions occur;
  6.  Reporting to KI’s, audit committee, line management and regulators.

We facilitate the compilation of a compliance manual in conjunction with the relevant staff and other role-players. The manual is based on the standards and norms provided by the Compliance in Africa, but customised for the specific environment in which our clients function.

The manual addresses:

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