reputational due diligence

Reputational Due Diligence supports the strategic risk management of business ventures in international markets. As introduced in the following article, the combination of Integrity Due Diligence with Political Due Diligence enables an investor to gain a comprehensive assessment of possible reputational risks attached to a business partner. This concerns compliance and corporate governance issues in relation to individuals and target companies as well as the reliability of the political environment in a specific countr

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In a world demanding real-time intelligence, Stodacom Africa helps transaction teams to make better informed decisions. As a routine part of deal diligence, Stodacom Africa enables a more costeffective and efficient automated due diligence research process that delivers consistent, accurate and auditable results,

Stodacom Africa swiftly determines risks associated with companies, management teams and other affiliates, allowing you to pinpoint key risks sooner and complete your reviews efficiently for internal approvals. Stodacom presents the relevant information in a succinct profile, designed by due diligence researchers for rapid review:

■ Harness open source intelligence

■ Identify risks for bankers faster

■ Know Your Deal

We dig deep into Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) | Relatives and Close Associates | Special Interest Persons and Sanctions and other Official Lists to identify any risk associated, we know all PEP in Africa and all their immediate relatives and associates and what they do Anna Rosset

Director, DSamit Inc