Stodacom Africa Solutions

We equip you with tools for you to manage third party onboarding. We provide data, intelligence, ratings, advice and counsel to our clients to help them make Better Decisions in selecting key stakeholders



Feel confident in the information we provide because we know how to research and how to provide clients with intelligence and advice on who they are doing business with.

Our background checks, known as StodacomCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports are more than a compilation of media articles, watchlist hits, questionnaire or interview responses.

IntegraSearch® | Compliance Screening

gives you access to a watchlist of companies and people that have been involved in negative compliance issues across 30 different risk areas.


It allows you to check names of people and companies from AFrica against a purpose-built database.

Update and live

it is updated daily and includes over 5m records spread across all industries and 54 African countries. It can be accessed independently.

You can search the database for:

  • Candidates and employees
  • New suppliers
  • New partners and channel providers
  • Any other name of a company or person

What will be your benefit

  • The organisation appears on a government sanctions or watchlists or a list issued by the Government and identified as a person of concern
  • The person is a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and linked to a political party which may increase the possibility of corruption or undue influence.
  • The organisation is a State-Owned Entities (SOEs) which may give rise to corruption risks, or change the way you engage with them around pricing or contracts
  • The organisation or person has been identified by a reputable media source or from litigation records as having been involved in a compliance issue presenting a risk as defined by Stodacom's 30 risk areas. This might include a company that has been involved in corrupt practices, money laundering, export violations, privacy violations or very poor environmental or safety violations