Strategic Intelligence

At Stodacom we collect, process, analyse, and disseminate  intelligence that is required for forming policy and plans at the national and international level and to qualities that equip leaders to be effective strategists.

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Stodacom Africa provides strategic intelligence to support corporates and their legal and other external advisors. We work on African Continent and have particular expertise in all African countries

We investigate counterparties and stakeholders; uncover financial anomalies; reveal Politically Exposed Persons; analyse networks; and scrutinize management.

We have high-level skills and knowledge in the fields of data analysis and reporting, forecasting and modelling, survey administration and design, statistics and much more. We provide services and information to assist members of the university with decision-making and continuous quality improvement

  • foresight, the ability to understand trends that present threats or opportunities for an organization;
  • visioning, the ability to conceptualize an ideal future state based on foresight and create a process to engage others to implement it;
  • system thinking, the ability to perceive, synthesize, and integrate elements that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose.
  • motivating, the ability to motivate different people to work together to implement a vision. Understanding what motivates people is based upon another ability, personality intelligence .
  • partnering, the ability to develop strategic alliances with individuals, groups and organizations. This quality also depends on personality intelligence