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With our curated data, intelligence and due diligence solutions, you can make Better Decisions™ when selecting the companies and people your company engages with, allowing you to not only meet your own statutory compliance obligations, but to also drive up standards and improve our society’s future outlook.

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Usable intelligence from us! yes

We help companies, governments and private individual know more on any investigative matter before making informed decission.We adopt a highly skilled and creative approach to open source intelligence gathering and are trusted as a partner for the provision of discreet, source-based enquiries. We provide bespoke intelligence reports tailored to the commercial concerns of a wide range of corporate clients

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Companies that want to check a target name against a compliance database to see whether the target has been engaged in negative integrity, ethics, reputation or compliance issues across 54+ African countries and up to 30 key risk areas.

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Companies seeking to screen their customers, resellers, distributors, suppliers and employees to see if they have been involved in corrupt activities, money laundering or fraud, are sanctioned by a government authority, or have any other negative compliance issues across multiple risk areas.

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Profiles from English and non-English sources collected and curated by our team of analysts, that show companies and people being involved in negative compliance issues in 257 countries and up to 30 key risk areas

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We help clients make better decisions when selecting business partners, employees, suppliers and customers.


Expert Advice

We have built over 500,000 profiles on African companies and people involved in business engagements across Africa, with the majority of those in sub saharan Africa


Our impact

Our due diligence solutions add value to your business by ensuring that you receive the best advice possible to help you make decisions around your counterparties.

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Our due diligence continental coverage

Feel confident in the information we provide because we have a team of compliance experts on the ground in countries around the world. They know how to research compliance issues and how to provide clients with intelligence and advice on who they are doing business with.

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Channel partner onboarding
  • Acquiring a company
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Focus on acquiring that usable intelligence

NWe gather onground intelligence with open source intelligence and conduct onground source enquiries.

  • We aim high at gathering usable intelligence
  • We work together with you all the way from contacting us to report writing
  • Discrete source interviews and site visits is our thing
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Extensive background check searches

We complete cycle of your background check.

  • National criminal record searches tretching 10 years back
  • Complete civil record searches from all availabe courts
  • Validation of identity,address across Africa
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13 years, 11 month, 24 days

Experience to bost about, performing excellent searches and reports.

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250,000+ Due Diligence

Reports conducted across all African countries.

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50+ Languages

interpreted while conducting interviews and commentaries across Africa.