Know your Partners

Selecting great channel partners means a higher likelihood of generating more profits for your business.

Business Intelligence Reports on Channel Partners

Reviews and Health Checks of Channel Partners

  • Expertise
  • Content Knowledge
  • Not just due diligence
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Our philosophy is the success of any sales channel will come down to the selection of the right partners

Channel sales, channel management and business leaders turn to us when they need help on making sure the partners they engage will add value to their business and not cause physical damage, loss of business or reputational damage.

  • Drafting and Implementing Reseller/Distributor codes of conduct, standards, rules, playbooks and standard operating procedures
  • Selecting Channel Partners by providing Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription based business intelligence
  • Investigations into channel misconduct and allegations of corruption, money laundering, false advertising, grey market selling, child labor and human trafficking