Criminal Record Searches

Stodacom Africa conducts extensive criminal record searches in all African countries through national and local courts or local districts/regions courts.We physicaly search through these courts for updated information

A Better Background Check Experience

National and local Criminal Search in Africa

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    National Criminal Searches

    National crimes, which can be very serious, don’t appear in local courts. Our teams search districts to retrieve records from local courts to discover crimes in violation.

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    Local Criminal Searches

    Our comprehensive magistral area searches look for felony and misdemeanor convictions, where available.

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    Sex Offender Registry Search

    Stodacom Africa screens your applicant to discover if they have been convicted of sexually related offenses.

Why Stodacom Africa

We are committed to advancing the future of the national criminal background check for employment through an intentional blend of cutting-edge technology and strategic human touch in Africa.

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Faster Time-to-Hire

Reduce turnaround times by up to 50% while increasing search accuracy through Stodacom’s focus on advanced fulfillment systems. 90% of our African searches leverage automation by Stodacom

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Still curious?

100% of Stodacom Africa criminal screens are completed entirely in-house - Stodacom is focused on ensuring we own more of the process so we can manage to your needs.
We us our Stodacom Africa court runners and this reduces our turnaround times by 25% when compared to third party court runners, we are previledged to have our court runners in 95% of African countries
Stodacom identifies the address history associated with subject using an extensive data sourcing through various databases of 20,000+ sources. These results broaden the scope of a pre-employment background check to include locations of residence (and names, if requested) beyond what the candidate has disclosed. Alias names also may be identified upon request.
We cast a wider net to identify the most likely places to search for criminal records in a criminal background check for employment. When Stodacom’s three powerful verify tools are used together, they uncover tens of thousands more criminal records than instant database searches alone, providing you unmatched accessibility to data that will answer all the questions you may have regarding a potential candidate in any African country..